The serendipity of {tech} networking.

Participate in our event whether you're seeking a new opportunity or simply aiming to acquaint yourself with the minds behind the brand. Let us orchestrate the serendipity of tech connections.

We firmly embrace the potential of purposeful connections and the profound impact they can have, akin to the butterfly effect. Even the smallest networking event can set off an entirely new journey for an individual, a city, or even the world. In a world where people thrive on connections, and where connections are the currency of the future, why not fortify your future today?

We believe in the power of community and connections. That’s why we are called as CO:next. 90% of our events are conducted at community spaces (coworkings) all around the world.

Join us on this transformative journey. 

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Vibrant Atmosphere:

Our events are known for their relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for forging meaningful connections and maximizing productivity.

Exceptional Talent Pool:

We exclusively invite top-notch professionals to our events, and we are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusivity within the tech industry. You'll have the opportunity to network with the best and contribute to a more inclusive tech community.

Exclusive Access:

Our events maintain an air of exclusivity through invite-only access. We meticulously curate our guest list, extending invitations solely to high-profile professionals, ensuring you're in the company of industry leaders and experts.



Lisbon, Portugal
May, 09/2023


Lisbon, Portugal
August, 08/2023

Springer Nature

Lisbon, Portugal
August, 15/2023

OUR atmosphere

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Every employer is granted a profile on our platform, providing them with the opportunity to present their technologies and emphasize the advantages they offer.

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Vika Zhurbas

Event Director

Dimitriy Kukharev

Team Lead

Anna Pozdniakova

Country representative Spain

Gillord Pisas

Country representative Germany

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SharpmindsDaphne Frühmann
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It's been a pleasure to organize an event together with CO:next. From beginning to end, they were engaged with the topic, on point with the planning and design, and determined to make it a special event. With a great eye for detail, a solid network, and professional operational skills, it all went very smoothly and it looked great. I would always recommend working with CO:next to design and execute any event.
SIXTDr. Ingmar Zanger
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We could not have been more pleased with the exceptional organization of our employer branding and recruiting event in Lisbon. Despite short notice, the team flawlessly put a podium discussion on stage, along with the networking and viral parts reaching directly 150 attendees and indirectly a high multiple of that. Every guest had an inspirational and wonderful experience. CO:next's professionalism and dedication truly shone through, and we wholeheartedly recommend their turnkey services for any event needs.
IntelliasCristina Bascuñán
Employee Experience Manager
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CO:Next was a fantastic event that allowed me to represent my company, Intellias, and engage with a remarkably diverse and insightful community. During the event, we delved into various topics, from the latest tech trends to the growing prominence of Malaga as a strategic tech hub. The event showcased the power of networking and knowledge exchange, making it a valuable experience for both personal and professional growth
Springer NatureNadine Cyjack
Managing Director Springer Nature Lisbon
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It is a pleasure working with Vika and her team. They are very professional and fun to work with. They organised a successful and engaging event at our Springer Nature office in Lisbon. The seamless organization, high-calibre speakers, and engaging discussions made it a tremendous success, benefiting both our employees and our employer branding by connecting us with tech professionals in Lisbon.
N-iXVolodymyr Hlushchenko
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I was speaking at Malaga Tech Connect in October 2023. I would like to express my gratitude to CO:next. It was a very dynamic and productive networking event. I was surprised by a big audience of bright an curious minds. Kudos to event organizer Vika Zhurbas and I cannot wait to see more such events in Malaga

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     Zilch! Our events are free to roll in for tech wizards like you.

     Here’s the deal – we’ve lined up three snappy 10-minute knowledge drops, led by the CTO bigwigs and Software Masters. After that, it’s a rapid-fire round of intros from all the squads. Get the lowdown on each team’s tech gear before the casual networking session!

     We’ve got you sorted, including options for the gluten-free folks and those on the vegan path. Food’s covered, no sweat!

     Absolutely! If your tech-savvy pal is down to connect with tech teams that are hiring, it’s a thumbs-up.

     No worries! We’re a crowd driven by tech passion, setting up an environment where everyone feels at home. Our Tech Dating setup? No pressure, just good vibes!


    We’re keeping it cozy with a maximum of 15 tech squads – a chill and comfy setup.


     Our meetups usually pull in around 50 to 70 tech enthusiasts, giving you a great chance to mingle with fellow IT aficionados from the neighborhood!



     Absolutely! Whether you’re brainstorming or building connections, hop on board. The tech landscape’s full of surprises, and a solid network is always a bonus!